Publishing Geode Mods

Once your awesome mod is finished, it’s time to publish it for all the world to see! Geode comes with an in-game “Download” section where users can download mods from, which gets its content from the Geode Mods repo, also known as the mods index.

⚠️ This is subject to change once Geode moves to its new servers, which will be in the near future! This page will be updated when they are ready for use.

Getting Your Mod on the Repo

⚠️ All mods submitted on the index must provide the source code! If your mod is open source, just include a link to a Github repository or equivalent. For closed source mods, see the dedicated section

Submitting a mod to the official mod index is as follows:

  1. Build and release your mod somewhere - we highly recommend using GitHub releases, as this provides a straight-forward way to deal with versioning.
  2. Create an issue on the indexer repository, using the “Add/Update an entry” template.
  3. Provide a direct download link to the .geode file (for example
  4. Submit the issue.

Afterwards, you will just have to wait until a staff member verifies the mod.

Releasing updates

To release an update, just follow the same process as for publishing new mods.

If you are using GitHub releases (or any other system), do not update an existing release - create a new one instead. Updating an existing release will break that version of the mod, as the Geode package is checksummed.

Make sure to increase your mod version when updating it! You should be following Semantic Versioning, especially if you’re developing a mod with a public API.

What about closed source mods?

Even if your mod is closed source, you still need to submit the source code for verification. Do so by asking someone who can approve new mods on the index repository and send them the source code privately, for example by adding them temporarily as a contributor to your private repository.

Geode developers will never leak or steal your source code! If you find that the person who verified your mod has breached this vital level of trust, do let the other Geode lead developers know immediately.

What about paid mods?

If your mod is fully paid, you will have to publish it yourself on a separate platform, as the Geode team doesn’t want to handle processing user authentification and payments. However, there are many options for still getting the mod on the index:

Who can approve mods?

⚠️ This is going to change soon once the new server is rolled out, where any verified user can automatically submit their own mods, and any admin can verify new mods & new users.

New mods and updates for mods can be verified by anyone with staff priviledges on the mods repository config file. Additionally, anyone with the verified priviledge can automatically submit new mods / update their own mods without needing to wait for a staff member to verify it.