Geode mods can specify a long, free-form description typeset using Markdown by including a file named about.md at the root of their project. See the MDTextArea class for information on what features of Markdown are supported.

This file is similar to a README, however it’s intended for people who use the mod; you should also keep a README for developers interested in building / contributing to your mod.


# My Awesome Mod

This is my awesome mod, that does **all** the awesome stuff!

If you like this mod, please check [my other mod](mod:my.other-mod)!

## Credits

[Join my Discord](https://discord.gg/K9Kuh3hzTC)! Thanks to [Hu Tao](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oap-n_OEgc) for helping with the mod!


A markdown file that contains a changelog for your mod. Geode uses this file to show release notes for the mod.


# v1.1.0

 * Removed Herobrine

# v1.0.1

 * Fixed bugs

# v1.0.0

 * Initial release


A markdown file that contains free-form information about how to support you, the mod’s developer. This may include things like links to your Patreon, PayPal, Ko-Fi, etc. - anything you wish to include!

# Thank You for using Rattledasher 5000!

If you like this mod and would like to support me, I have an [OnlyFans](https://globed.dev/soggy/)! You can see me rattle my dashes like a pro if you know what I mean ;)