Class CCTargetedTouchDelegate

#include <Geode/cocos/touch_dispatcher/CCTouchDelegateProtocol.h>
classCCTargetedTouchDelegate:publiccocos2d::CCTouchDelegate{ ... }

Since v0.8

Using this type of delegate results in two benefits:

    1. You don’t need to deal with CCSets, the dispatcher does the job of splitting them. You get exactly one UITouch per call.
    1. You can claim a UITouch by returning YES in ccTouchBegan. Updates of claimed touches are sent only to the delegate(s) that claimed them. So if you get a move/ ended/canceled update you’re sure it’s your touch. This frees you from doing a lot of checks when doing multi-touch. (The name TargetedTouchDelegate relates to updates “targeting” their specific handler, without bothering the other handlers.)
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Since v0

Return YES to claim the touch.

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