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Geode is a Geometry Dash mod loader and modding SDK with a modern approach towards mod development. Unlike previous mod loaders, which merely inject the DLLs and let devs handle the rest, Geode aims to be a more comprehensive project, which manages loaded mods & hooks itself. Geode has been built to ensure performance, compatibility, portability and ease of use. For devs, Geode means easy development and portability; for end users, Geode means an uniform and easy experience using mods.

⚠️ These docs are intended for developers looking to use Geode. If you’re someone who would just like to use mods, see our homepage.

Why Geode?

The main goal of Geode is to end mod incompatibility. Traditional modding leads very easily to compatability problems, many of which Geode attempts to address with better solutions.

On top of this, and perhaps more interestingly, Geode provides much better ergonomics for modding. Instead of having to deal with calling conventions, trampolines, manually setting hooks (likely in another source file), you can have all the code relevant to hooks in a nice, clean, readable syntax contained within a single source file.

Help, Contributing, Etc.

If you need help using Geode or would like to contribute, feel free to join our Discord Server.

Alternatively, if you hate joining Discord servers to work with a framework, you can also just open up an issue or pull request on any Geode repository on Github.

Getting Started

See Getting Started for a step by step tutorial on getting started with Geode SDK.

See Handbook for a beginner-friendly tutorial series on using Geode and GD Modding in general (WIP!!).



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